Data inconsistency

Hallo, when I assign in superhero-blog (v1.2.0) category to some post in administration and then I delete this category, so still this category is listed in a post. I would like to ask, if this is standard behavior (and then how can I check data consistency) or if this is some kind of bug.
(enonic xp, v6.3.1)
Thank you, dmz

Enonic version: 6.3.1
OS: Win 7 64b, Ubuntu 14.04

Hi there!

I guess you did not publish the delete then? Anyway, the “marked for deletion” items should work as if it had already been deleted. We’ll fix improving this!

Also, I can see that if you actually delete the category and publish it, the rendering is failing for the post. This is just due to bad handling in the presentation code.

BTW - We’re working to improve the delete dialogue, so you can instantly publish a delete.

Hope this clarifies things?

Thank you
P.S. I did. I tried to publish even whole app, but deleted category was still there,

Is it visible with “strikethrough” in the UI?

Remember that when you “delete” a published content, it doesn’t actually go away. It simply gets a line through it in the admin. You still have to select the “deleted” content in admin and publish it to completely remove it.

I tested this and noticed that any post page will break if a category it was using is deleted. Thanks for reporting this. I have now fixed this bug in the latest Superhero snapshot v1.3.0-SNAPSHOT.

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Also - with “still there”, are you referring to when editing the content, in the preview panel - or the live site?

Thank you.

I will try to describe it step by step

  1. whole superhero app deleted (cms admin, delete, publish all incl. child)
  2. in cms application stop and start
  3. in cms admin publish all (incl. child) so fresh installation running

in cms admin:
4) new category Category2Delete (for example in /superhero/categories/parent/) created
5) new category Category2Delete published
6) Post Hello World edited, category Category2Deleted added
7) changed post published
8) Category2Delete deleted (Pending delete) (but post Hello World still online, no message about modification)
9) Category2Delete published (now is not in list)
10) Clicked on post Hello World, Error: TypeError: Cannot get property “_name” of null showed
11) Post Hello World edited, Category2Delete still here …

Ah! Reproduced this now, it happens if you leave the editing panel open (i.e. the listed items in the input field is not updated when it is changed/deleted in the background)…

If you close the edit panel, and re-open it, it should no longer be visible.

I’m adding a task to improve this! Thanks for helping us out :smile:

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