Data toolbox import/export not working for templates

The toolbox import/export doesn’t seem to work for templates folder or individual templates.
My client needs quick rollouts of templates between staging and production. The toolbox seems to be the right tool to sync.
It would be good if there were options to just sync template/content data without overriding the permissions or a kind of diff tool where we can check which parts should be synced.

Enonic XP 6.9.2
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System Required
>= 6.0.0 and < 7.0.0

What do you mean it does not work? The regular export/import does not know the difference between these items.

I manage to reproduce a problem when importing a template inside /content/[site]/_template.
Workaround 1: I manage to import it outside of the template folder though.

It is not linked to the admin tool ‘data toolbox’. I have the same problem when using in command line.

Workaround 2: It works if I remove the manual sorting on the _templates folder.

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@tsi Hi, the problem was basically with no user feedback, I was trying to export and import a template by selecting same object as source (lets say frontpage template) and target. But that does nothing, without any user feedback.
So when the single template is selected, to restore it, the user has to select the parent folder before clicking on “load” command. Maybe there should be a status line saying: taget has to be a folder or it should be possible to just select a template and make sure that only that object can be overwritten when we import a single object.

The tool mimics the usage of the Toolbox CLI:
You have an export than contains 1 or more exported contents/nodes and you have to specify the parent as target where these contents/nodes will be inserted (Except for the case of the root node where then the target will be the root node itself).

So it makes sense when importing multiple contents/nodes and/or if they are not already present. But it is confusing when: exporting a single content, modifying it and reimporting it.
=> Some documentation will be written and better descriptions/tooltips

About the errors messages, you are right. I went through the same frustration when trying to reproduce the import bug.
=> I will try to make it more verbose in future versions.