Datasource portal:createResourceUrl not in java.el

Enonic version: 4.7.11
OS: Linux

This works:

<datasource name="getUrlAsXml" result-element="morradi"> <parameter name="url">http://localhost:8080/site/59/_public/file.xml</parameter> <parameter name="timeout">5000</parameter> <parameter name="readTimeout">3000</parameter> </datasource>

This does not:

<datasource name="getUrlAsXml" result-element="morradi"> <parameter name="url">${portal:createResourceUrl('/_public/file.xml')}</parameter> <parameter name="timeout">5000</parameter> <parameter name="readTimeout">3000</parameter> </datasource>

If you in Enonic Datasource Java.el want to synthesize URLs based on a environment-specific server address, my advice would be to store the server base URL inside or, and then retrieve this value using Java.el ‚Äúproperties.myPropertyName‚ÄĚ concatenated with the string for the file address.

See the 4.7 docs on Java.el in datasources ‚Äď properties (new in 4.7.4)

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