Dates break my browser

Enonic version: 6.6.0

Hello! I’m having some issues working on my content objects when they have dates in december. The data for these contents are coming from external APIs and they’re already formatted to save on enonic’s pattern (YYYY-MM-DD), but even when I save a date between 1st december and 31th december, my browser crashes if I try to edit the object with any date on this interval. For now, my solution is adding one month, so, the date goes to january and I can work on them, but I want to know what’s happening and how to solve this.
Can anyone help me?

I assume you are talking about the Content Studio? And this only happens if the data was created through the API?

No! Even if I change a field that has a valid date to any day in december on Content Studio, when I close the content and try to open again, it crashes my browser.

I’m having the same problem from Paulo. Does anyone have any ideia about that?

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I am having the same problem.

It will freeze my browser if I set any date in December. I can still see the object but not edit it.

We are looking at this.

6.6.1 will be released with a fix of this problem, as soon as we have fixed it and tested the fix.


6.6.1 was released today, with the fix for this problem.

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