Datetime with timzone wrong utc indicator in content studio

Enonic version: 7.14.1
Content-studio: 5.1.4
We have a field like this:

  <input name="startDate" type="DateTime">
    <label i18n="event.startDate">Event start</label>
    <occurrences minimum="1" maximum="1"/>

In wintertime we are in utc +1
In summertime we are in utc +2

If you edit a entry that has a selected date that is in wintertime or select a new date in wintertime, the utc indicator in the picker should reflect that. Today the indicator only shows utc based on the current date, not what you are selecting. And this is confusing and can make people think that there is a bug, when it actually isn’t.
Example ( selected date is in wintertime, picker says its utc +2 ) :

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I agree with this idea - it should make it easier for a user to set the correct time, based on local context.
Or, we can just wait for the governments to get rid of summertime/wintertime :laughing:

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