Deleting website data after updating the sandbox

Enonic version: 7.11.1

I updated the sandbox, but the sites’ data was deleted :sob: :sob: :sob:. Is there a way to restore it?

Upgrading a sandbox only changes pointer to distro. Do you have the logs from booting the upgraded sandbox? Also, which XP version did you use previously?

Unfortunately, the problem was from my side :sob:
Every time I tried to update the cli, it gave me this message

snap “enonic” has no updates available

Then when I searched I found this page

I ran this command and this happened

sudo rm -r $HOME/.enonic && sudo snap refresh enonic && enonic -v


This command deletes both sandboxes, cli and distros…:disappointed:. I assume you have no backups of your computer, or something in the trashcan?