Deploy every version to Maven Repository

Enonic version: 6.11.2
OS: Linux

Would you please automate deployment of ALL jar packages to your Maven repository (artifactory) -

Since some time around v6.8 it’s been a mess to figure out which jars you have deployed and which you haven’t…

For instance, latest (stable) deployed packages:

  • lib-http-client 6.10.3,
  • gradle-plugin 6.11.2,
  • core-api 6.12.1

Hmm. I assume you are confused by the fact that libraries such as http-client that used to be distributed with XP now are branched as separate projects?

What are you missing?

All our released artifacts are deployed to Maven. But there have been some changes in some libraries and in the Gradle plugin.

We extracted some of the libraries that were included in Enonic XP, on version 6.11. So now they are independent and can be upgraded or fixed with a faster release cycle.
The changes were documented in 6.11 release notes.
But I guess not everyone read always the release notes. Sorry about the confusion.

For example the latest lib-http-client is now com.enonic.lib:lib-http-client:1.0.0 (different group-id)

The Gradle plugin was also extracted from the XP project, and it has a different artifact-id.
There is an example of usage of the new plugin in the vanilla-starter.