Details widget does not have the preferred detail

Enonic version: 7.14.0
Content Studio 5.1.4

Any particular reason one cannot see the owners name directly, instead of the id there? If I click the Edit, I can actually see who owns it by name, but it would be helpful to have it directly. Is there a particular reason not to?

Yes, to avoid an extra roundtrip to server to fetch display name of the owner. It will only be fetched when/if you click “Rediger innstillinger”.

It is also related to the amount of info we display here. We try to show minimal, but presise info, i.e. multiple users may have the same “Display Name”. There are ofc opportunities to improve - any suggestions are welcome.

Improvement suggestion from the customer: From an Editor’s perspective, it would be very useful to be able to see directly who is the owner of a given content, rather than having to edit settings or the version.