Dev mode for 7.0

Using the CLI and sandbox, how can I run the equivalent of dev? I didn’t find anything about dev mode in the docs.

It’s not available from CLI yet, but you can do it manually (the old way by setting JAVA_HOME, XP_HOME env and running server.bat/sh yourself.

CLI has “enonic project shell” which opens a new shell with these variables set.
In the upcoming version of CLI you will be able to source env variables directly from CLI in your current shell - like this: $(enonic project env)…

Also, we will likely make dev mode available directly from CLI soon as well :slight_smile:


Starting a sandbox in dev mode is now available in version 1.0.9 of CLI:

enonic sandbox start myBox --dev


enonic project deploy myProject --dev


Ahhh. Lovely - thank you!