Developer breakfast Meetup, 9 October

Welcome to developer breakfast Meetup.

We are flying high and just released XP 7.1 and Content Studio 2.1. Join us for breakfast to learn more about these releases and other juicy news:

  • Improved editorial workflow with “mark as ready”, publishing requests and publishing message.
  • Improved content API with support for basic workflow capabilities.
  • Customisable “Display name” label.
  • Query highlighting for search results.

We are working on exciting new technology and features for the coming versions. We will show you a preview on how Enonic XP will support sites in multiple languages and regions.

See also how Preben Borch, Senior Developer at Evry, created a business to business commerce application with Enonic XP in Angular. AND (!), we will let you in behind the scenes and show you sever-side rendering of React templates in Enonic XP and Content Studio with React4XP. :boom:

Agenda and signup: