Different label for the same attribute across content types

Our content datamodel consist of several global attributes. Let’s use “title” as example.

This global attribute is used in every content type, but in order to give the editor a better user experience we would sometimes like to alter the label shown above the field in Content studio.

For example; When title is used to describe a medicin, we would like the label to be “medication” (se screenshot below). When used for an employee, we would like the label to be “employee name”. We could of course treat these at specific attributes and not global attributes, but doesn’t want this since we want all these to be treated as “title” both backend and frontend.

Is this something you would consider supporting?

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Lars Erik

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When you call this field a “global attribute”, do you mean you are using a mixin to plug this field in to different content types? You might, as you yourself suggested, move the field out of the mixin and have it on every content type with the same name but different label. Then your backend can still treat it as the same field (since field name is the same), while your editors will see it with different labels based on content type.


Hmm… Looks like your specific example is actually badly implemented. You have added a field “title” - but you only need to use the displayName field for this (the big title field on top of all content). So the whole title field should actually be removed.

Also, for displayname, you can modify the label by setting displayNameLabel. See example here: Content Types

Also, seems you have added a fieldset “Anbefaling” within the content type Anbefaling - which is redundant.