Disable/Enable Components in Content Studio

I think it would be a killer feature if one could disable and enable components in Content Studio.
That way it would be much easier to try out some variants…

Disable in what way?

Disable as in right-click a part and select disable from the “component-view” command popup menu.
The part would still be listed in the component view, but be marked as disabled.
It may or may not appear in edit mode, perhaps just a simpel placeholder.
It will not appear in preview and live mode (the backend should spend as few cpu cycles as possible on it).
Perhaps some disabled property could be added to the part config.

For example:

You have two fully configured parts, and want to test which if them looks best on a page.
It would be pretty easy to switch between them. (yes I know you could sorta do the same using fragments)

Here’s another use case:

Lets say a part somehow got broken in a build and somehow ended up in production.
While developers are working on fixing the problem, the webmaster can simply disable the part on the page where it fails.

I guess disabling a part across the entire site would also be a nice feature.

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It’s a useful feature, and we have added this to our backlog. ETA not decided.