Display name empty when using <display-name-expression> in a content-type that contains a HtmlArea input

Enonic version: 7.0.2
CMS version: 2.0.2
OS: Ubuntu 19

Hello, when I put together in a content-type, HtmlArea input and display-name-expression, the auto complete generates a .js error and set the display-name to empty. Is it a bug?

Could have been handled better, but essentially the display-name-expression is only intended to be used for textLine and other simple input types.

Now that I look at the title I wrote, it sounds like I’m using the HtmlArea as parameter in display-name-expression and thats not what I mean… what I actually meant to say is, if I make a content-type like this one:


Then the auto fill either stop or empty the display-name.

This is fixed in the last release of Content Studio. Full change log is here

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