Do you master Enonic XP? Prove it!

The certification exam for developers is live:



I feel there is quite a bit of information missing:

What is covered in the exam? Normally for certifications there are a specified list of topics or similar to study. Or is it just “everything”?

And what form is the certification in? Multiple-answer questions, free text answers, coding in the browser, or other? It is nice to be able to be a bit prepared/at least to know what to expect.

You mention requirements for Solution Partner status. Does that mean if we took the developer course previously, we now need to take the certification as well to uphold our status?


Thanks for the feedback @it_vegard. We will add more information to the website asap (hopefully tonight).

To answer quickly:

  • All topics in the Enonic XP documentation is part of the test
  • It’s multiple choice
  • You will answer 50 questions
  • You pass by answering 75% correct

About Solution Partner status, talk to your partner manager (Anders) about the updates to our program. He also has a discount code for Solution Partners.



Is this better:

It would also be nice with a Test certification. So we get a feel of how the questions are asked and should be answered.


Thanks for the reply. That covered it. :slight_smile:

@mer Although there’s a difference in your answer here and on the website: Do you require 70% or 75% to pass?

@it_vegard It’s a correct answer ratio of 75% that is needed to pass =)

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It updated it now :slight_smile:

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Here is a typical question you could get on the exam (not saying that this is an actual question from the question bank):

Where would you normally put static resources (such as CSS) in an XP app?

a) In the /src/resources/static folder
b) In the /src/main/resources/assets folder
c) In the /src/assets/static folder

The certification exam consists of 50 questions randomly picked from a larger set of questions. So no exam would be 100% identical. There are normally 3 alternatives, sometimes 4 or 5. There is always just 1 alternative that is correct (no half points).