Documentation at search in article titles

There seem to be some indexing issues on the documentation page.
When searching for “content.query” there are no hits, while there is a:

With “content.query” in the title.
Are titles not indexed?

Apparently, the documentation solution ( treat . as seperation characters index time, but not query time - search “content query” to get a match.

Sorry bout that - the doc’s are not running on XP you see :smile:

It is correct as you say: There are some indexing problems with the search field “inside” each set of documentation.

You should use this start-page:

  • The search function here uses a different index, and works much better. Specifically, hyphenated words, like “lib-mail”, will not return any result inside each version of the documentation, but match several on this starting page!
    PS: We have asked readthedocs to fix this, and they are working on it:
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