Does Analytics integration still work?

I was using the Google Analytics integration just a week or two ago and it worked fine. Now it suddenly stopped working on all our sites. We have upgraded to 6.8 since then, but I have also tried to test on a 6.7.3 installation and it does not work there either. It might of course be something with my setup, but I just wanted to check if anyone else have the same issue before I go all CSI on my installations. The error I get in the right hand section is: Error: web property: UA-XXXXXXXX-X not found.

Does this app still work for you guys?

Hi, does the web property exist in Google Analytics?

Yes, it exists. I have double checked. I have also tried to uninstall and install again without anything changing. It used to work until it suddenly didn’t.

FYI: I just tested it on two sites we have, using 6.8.1, and it works as it should, so it is not a general problem with the Google Analytics app. Beyond that, I am afraid I don’t know the app well enough to help out much.

Thanks. That is all I need to know for now. I will debug more locally.

Is this related to the issue of removing and adding the app on the site maybe?

Doubt it. We have multiple sites that stopped working at the same time. I only removed and added it on one site. I guess it has something to do with the key.