Duplicate contents in different domains

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Is there any way to duplicate contents in different domains without rebuilding them?
The content is a page consists of multiple parts and in different order.

Hi Sepideh,

The Data Toolbox is an excellent tool for exporting and importing any content (or contents) from any XP server to another (or the same). You just download the content you need as a zip and upload on the other server (install Data Toolbox in both places).

With different domains, perhaps you mean sites. Then the answer would be first click [duplicate] and then [move] in Content Studio. If the page uses components from an app that the new site does not you will get a render error. Then you must either add the missing app or remove those components.

It doesn’t help, since changes wouldn’t apply to duplicated contents.

Hmm, what are you actually trying to achieve? And perhaps also the reasoning, the why. That would probably help us give you the most useful information.

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First I’d like to point out that duplicating content is a bad practice and will affect SEO badly.

Do you really need to duplicate the entire page content?

What if you simply convert some layout or part on the page into a fragment.
Then use that fragment across multiple sites (if that works, I have not tested)

You can make more or less the whole page a layout fragment. It’s not allowed to put a layout inside a layout, but I believe there is a trick: You can make a layout a fragment, and put that fragment inside another layout. So if you make a layout that is simply a div without any styling you should be able to put all the parts and layouts inside that layout as fragments, and finally even convert that “container” layout to a fragment. I think you can make fragments inside fragments indefinitely :slight_smile:

Hmm. I don’t think your suggestion will work, and if ut does, it is most likely a bug