Dynamic Loading of content in contentypes and parts config

I would really like a custom contenttype where I can connect the field to some backend code and dynamically get values for dropdowns, suggestions in textfield, tags…

Business owner
The business owner wants to create a part that is collecting some data from the backend system. The part needs to be configured with some fields from the backend system so the correct content i retrieved when rendered. The part is going to be used on 1 to many pages but with different content.

The developer creates a part configuration with a custom field that uses the “custom field interface” javacscript backend code interface. The “custom field” interface connects to the backendsystem and get values to be returned. the developer transforms the content to some JSON that says what type of field this is.

Web admin
The web admin adds the part on to the page and then configures the part to get the correct content from the backend user and correct view to render.

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Our plan is to open up the admin console, so you can create your own input types. ETA is currently not set.

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