Edit built in content types?

Enonic version: 6.x
OS: Kaptein

Is it possible to modify a built in content type?

Specifically I would like to have the “show in menu” option on folders. I know i can extend folders and create a new “Menu Folder”-type, but then I will have two types of folders, which may seem confusing to the user.

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The only way, at the moment, is to add x-data to the site.xml but then EVERY content you create will have the menu-item checkbox. I’m hoping for a new site.xml config that lets you pick which built-in types the x-data will be added to. Maybe something like <allowTypes>.

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Like @mla says - simply create a mixin and define it as x-data in your site.xml file, these fields will then be added to all contents within the site.