Edit button is not working on ImageSelector in an item-set -

Enonic version: 7.3.1
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

We are using the mixin bellow to add a gallery in article content. If I create an article, add an image to the Gallery mixin, then click the image and select “Edit” then sometimes nothing happens. If I force a reload (Ctrl+F5) it sometimes works.

I’m not facing this problem when I try to do edit an image on ImageSelector that is not in item-set.

        <item-set name="galleryGroup">
            <label>Gallery Group</label>
            <occurrences minimum="0" maximum="1" />

                <item-set name="galleries">
                    <label>Gallery element</label>
                    <occurrences minimum="0" maximum="0" />
                        <input type="ImageSelector" name="images">
                            <label>Select one or more images to set the gallery.</label>
                            <occurrences minimum="0" maximum="0" />

This might depend on where you are using this mixin. Can you post XML scheme where the mixin is applied? Also, are you getting any errors in the browser console when Edit icon is not working?

@bzmelotti We have reproduced and registered the issue. It happens inside a new occurrence of an item-set or an option-set. If you save content, then edit button starts working. The fix is ready and will be released in the next version of XP. For now, just save the content to get the edit button working.

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Great! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!