Editing permissions should not trigger a change in content status

When changing permissions, the status of every content item in the hierarchy underneath is changed.

As a result, we get the following issue:

  • All content get a new status, and needs to be re-published. This takes a lot of time because you may have content “in progress” which shouldn’t be published, so you can’t really use the “publish tree” function.

  • Also; when content has status “marked as ready” you are prevented from using “publish tree”.

We suggest that editing and publishing permission changes should be separated from editing content.

We know Enonic are aware of this feature request. Do you know when it can be expected?

Lars Erik


Hi. We already have this as a backlog issue. ETA for an improvement of this is XP8, since this will require significant changes to the permission model.


I assume you mean status “In progress” here. The reason for this is simply that content in progress cannot be published before you have marked it as ready.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did mean the status before you click “Mark as ready”. I assume that status is called “in progress”.

The problem is; for instance if we change the permission settings for the site, we are prevented from publishing the front page since a lof of pages underneath in the hierachy gets a new status. Before publishing the front page we then need to republish og remove all related elements before being able to publish. The last time we changed the permission settings the front page had about 700 related elements, so it was a pretty tiring job to go through all these to see if they were supposed to be published or not. So it will be really good to have the changes planned for XP8 in place.

Yes, we are aware of this. A general best practice for XP7 is to create a well defined permissions model early, and try to minimise changes to it. Also, we have made improvements to the publishing wizard in recent versions of Content Studio that partly mitigates this problem at least.