Elasticsearch data collection

Enonic version: 6.13.1
OS: Linux


Does elasticsearch store any data by default? For example, some keywords, queries, etc, which are sent to it?


Nope, we dont store any meta-data like you mention, only “normal” data.

Sorry, what do you mean by “normal data”? Is it some kind of logs? Or some information about the user?

I think I spot a source of confusion:

The Enonic Content Repository is built on top of Elasticsearch in the way it stores data in a repo. So in that case, it stores “normal” data by default, since that’s what it’s being used for :wink: I think that’s what @rmy was referring to.

However, Elasticsearch is also used as a search engine that retrieves data from a repo if instructed to do so, i.e. when producing search results. I’m assuming that @myurchenko is asking if Elasticsearch collects/stores any search result data or search metadata during retrieval?

Example: If you have a search result page that produces search results based on keywords provided as GET parameters, then that data is stored inside the server access logs (no matter what platform you’re running on).

If you want to store analytics data, you have to create a repo and store it yourself. XP repo is to be considered a “database”. The fact that it uses ES is an implementation detail…