Enable JMX for Jetty


Is it possible to enable JMX for the Jetty server? This would help us monitor the application better

If there are other components that can be exposed from JMX those would probably be usefull too

Hi Tommy!

What data are you looking for? Have you tested the /status API?

The thread pool would be nice to access from jmx. Other internal metrics would also be nice to access programmatically rather messing with the /status page.

Looks like the web threadpool is not visible in /status. We’ll fix that.

Are you not using a metrics system to monitor XP since you want JMX?

Hi Tommy!

We do not want to focus on JMX support for XP, but rather expose relevant metric data through the simple and accessible /status endpoint. Web threads and more will be included in upcoming release.

Also, our live tracing tool (for subscribing customers only) provides detailed insight in what is happening on the server without having to install any 3rd party profiling tools etc. Screenshot below:

Live trace looks good!

The idea with JMX as the standard framework for doing monitoring is that you can develop whatever you like and not depend on whatever comes from a pre defined status page. If for some reason your thread pool is full you can’t access any status page but JMX will still work :wink:

But I understand it might not be top priority

We are aware, that is why the status page will be running on a separate port in the future.
Thank’s for your patience!

The http threadpool will be available in 6.13.