Encoding problems on linux

Enonic version: XP 6.0.0
OS: Linux


I’m experiencing some weird encoding errors on the server installation.

Hard coded text in the HTML with norwegian characters are not displayed correctly. See footer, right side: http://xp.harald.io/portal/master/link-child-foundation.
As you can see the text generated by enonic through parts and text elements are displayed correctly.

On my dev machine (Mac) I do not have this problem, but it is the same code.
I have tried making sure that the file is UTF-8 by explicitly saving it with that encoding.

I suspect that the problem could be related to the locale configuration of the server, but I’m not sure if that can or should effect XP like this.

Anyone else have had this problem?

Hmm - did you try the jvm utf-8 option?

No, but that fixed it. Thanks! :smile:

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FYI - utf-8 is set by default in startup scripts as of 6.1…