Enonic as source for real time search

Enonic version: 6.8
OS: YourOS

Do you have experience with using Enonic for real time or instant search features? Such as Algolia or Firebase?

Could you please define what you mean by “Real time search”

Here is an example: Algolia

So, you mean creating a “search-as-you-type” search like the Algolia example in XP? That is certainly possible.

Use the ngram-function and fulltext-function. The search should be fast enough, just be careful about loading too many hits at the time, since the actual fetching of content is the slowest part. Also, when searching a lot of data, storing them as nodes in the upcoming node-api will improve performance since the content-domain is much more complex.

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I plan to perform at test with more than 250K records. I guess limiting search results using pagination will handle the content fetching issue.

Ok, I would really consider the node/repo-api (up for 6.9). There you can create separate repositories to store that amount of data. What kind of data is it?

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The datastructure is homogenous with few attributes.

Where do I find documentation for node?

In the JavaScript documentation. Relevant APIs: