Enonic CLI 2.6 is released

Earlier this week we released CLI 2.6.0 (and then 2.6.1 shortly after).

Two new commands have been added: upgrade and uninstall.

Before this release, you would have to use an upgrade command specific to your package manager (for example, npm upgrade enonic/cli, brew upgrade enonic etc).

From now on you can simply run enonic upgrade and, if there’s a new version, CLI will execute correct upgrade command depending on what package manager was used to install it.

enonic uninstall will do the same to uninstall the CLI, but we obviously don’t recommend using this command. Ever.

Have a great summer! :sunglasses:

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Good job guys! :tada:

I’m a little worried about enonic uninstall on Snapcraft (on ubuntu).

Will it delete my entire ~/.enonic directory?

Because when I was experimenting with uninstalling the CLI from snap, it started creating a backup for that directory, presumably to delete it.

That’s a good question, @tom!

Under the hood CLI will do the same as what your package manager would do if you tried to uninstall directly, so it should be exactly the same behaviour.

We’ll test it internally and get back to you.

Hey @tom

I’m also on the Snapcraft installation of the CLI on Ubuntu.

Tried enonic uninstall but got permission denied.

Then, inspecting CLI code, I noted that it is expected to run snap remove enonic. Running that directly I got my ~/.enonic directory deleted.

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