Enonic CLI 2.7.0 has been released!

We have released Enonic CLI v2.7.0 (release notes).

The big news in this release is that a project based on one of the Enonic Starters can now be run in “development mode” (aka “hot reload”) which will automatically pick up changes in the project’s source code without manual rebuild/redeploy.

You can read more about the dev command here.

If you don’t have the CLI installed, follow these instructions to install it. To upgrade an existing version of CLI, simply run enonic upgrade in your command line.

Enjoy the release and don’t forget to share your feedback!


Upgrade does not work :frowning:

PS C:\Users\thomas.M27> enonic latest

Local version: 2.6.2.

Latest available version is 2.7.0. Run 'enonic.exe upgrade' to update CLI
PS C:\Users\thomas.M27> enonic upgrade

up to date in 736ms
PS C:\Users\thomas.M27> enonic -v
enonic.exe version 2.6.2

How did you install CLI? If you installed it via native installer or direct link then upgrade command will not work.

@ase : I used scoop ! Thx for the hint.
Using scoop update enonic works :slight_smile:

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