Enonic CLI 2.8.0 is released

We have released a new version 2.8.0 of Enonic CLI (release notes).

The main feature of this release is introduction of Solution Templates - user will be asked to select a template whenever creating a new sandbox with CLI:


Applications bundled with the selected template will be automatically installed on the first launch of the sandbox, as long as it uses XP 7.14.0 or newer.

The templates used by CLI are the same as the ones suggested for a new solution in the Cloud Self-Service:

To upgrade your current version of CLI to the new version, run

enonic upgrade

in your terminal window. If you don’t have CLI yet, read how to install it here.

Enjoy the release and don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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Does Solution Templates have any relationship to starters? And can I create my own Solution Template?

– Tom Arild

Does Solution Templates have any relationship to starters?

Not really. Solution Templates are for sandboxes, while starters are for applications. Solution Templates are stored and managed by Enonic at Enonic Market, while starter can technically be any of our Github repos (via -r flag when creating a project with Enonic CLI).

The principle is similar - solution templates simplify the process of getting a new XP instance ready for use, while starters simplify initialisation of a new application - so you could call solution templates “starters for sandboxes”. However, technical implementation is very different, so it’s better to distinguish the terms to avoid confusion.

And can I create my own Solution Template ?

Not yet. For now solution templates are stored in our Market and managed by us. CLI and Cloud Self Service fetch them from the Market via GraphQL API, so it’s difficult to inject custom templates there. But you can create a custom file which will contain the list of applications (from the Enonic Market) which you want XP to install on the first launch (only on SDK).

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