Enonic CMS 4.7.12 is out!

This release is a bugfix release with 5 minor improvements and 8 bug fixes to the existing functionality. Here are the highlights:

  • Some changes to the import images wizard to make it more clear what is happening.
  • The technical name of each content is now changeable from the API, and searchable in the archive.
  • A new API method makes regeneration of images in all sizes possible. This is especially handy for images that are large enough to have an extra-large size, but were added before extra-large was available in Enonic CMS.
  • When showing user input coming from a web-form with checkboxes, the admin console will now show them as checked, if their value is either “on”, “true” or “1”. Previously, only “true” was a valid value for checked checkboxes.

The new version is available from our Downloads page

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