Enonic CMS 4.7.13 is out!

This release is a bugfix release with 4 improvements and 8 bug fixes to the existing functionality. Here are the highlights:

  • There are two major changes in this version:
  • A Thundering Herd protection have been built for the XSLT-cache. This should cause a great improvement on performance for big sites.
  • Some very special situations that could cause the session timeout in the admin console to be reduced to 2 minutes have been removed.
  • Other changes include better support for IE11 in the admin console, better session replication support and some other minor bug fixes.
  • Finally, we have run our complete test-cycle on Oracle 12, to approve Enonic CMS for use with it. This has not resulted in any code changes, and applies backward to previous versions of Enonic CMS 4.7 as well.

A detailed list of all changes can be found here: Enonic 4.7.13 changelog

Tomcat 7 users should be aware of some new recommendations on classloading. - This applies to all bugfix versions of Enonic CMS 4.7.

The new version is available in our repository.