Enonic CMS 4.7.15 has been released

Enonic CMS 4.7.15 has been released. We expected 4.7.14 to be the last release, but when paying customers have special needs we continue to support them and help them with fixes. However, we do encourage all our customer to check out Enonic XP. It is a much more modern and flexible platform for developing web-sites.

These are the changes in 4.7.15:

  • We now support the Forwarded and X-Forwarded-Proto headers for generating the correct scheme on URLs when Enonic CMS is used behind a proxy.
  • Content type fields of type regex always validated the input, even if the field was not mandatory, in effect making the field mandatory.

A list of the changes can also be found here: Enonic CMS 4.7.15 changes

The new version is available in our repository: