Enonic CMS 4.7 Captcha validation in a HttpController plugin


We used a HttpInterceptor on a content service create url, so we had a built-in captcha implementation working.
But we would like to move the functionality into a HttpController that creates the content and runs the functions that previously were at HttpInterceptor. Is there a way to validate the enonic cms captcha in the Java code of a HttpController plugin?
We get the captha from the form as capthca_response parameter in the HttpController.

If the build in captha can’t handle calls to a plugin url, do you have a recommended alternative?

Have you considered using reCaptcha? I guess that should be possible to combine with an httpController plugin?

We already have templates that support the enonic built-in captcha so we thought that the easiest way is to just verify the captcha in the plugin. If it’s not possible we will probably go for external captcha like reCaptcha.
I’ve seen a post that used the internalClient.getService, would it be possible to get the capthca service that way in the right context?

I am afraid there is no API or other simple way of using our Captcha service in a direct way. Our Captcha implementation can only be used with the HTTP Services, which as far as I understand means it can not be used the the way you want it too. Sorry.