Enonic Content Studio 5.0.0 and XP 7.13.0 have been released

Hi Enonic Community!

We have released Content Studio 5.0.0 and Enonic XP 7.13.0.

The primary new feature in XP is the upgrade of the underlying Java to Java 17. This may require some special attention to code when upgrading. Other new features include new endpoints in the Management and Statistics API, improvements in the Task API and a greatly improved Welcome Page on the SDK. Please check out the release notes and the changelog

New features in Content Studio include “Default Content Project is hidden by default”, Page Components View and Publishing Wizard improvements, and Call links in the Insert Link dialog. Please check out the release notes and the Content Studio changelog

These new versions are co-dependent on each other, so please upgrade both at the same time.

We hope you all will enjoy this release.