Enonic creates huge amount of files in tmp dir

Enonic version: 6.6
OS: Win 10 / Linux

We have several enonic installation on different OS and this issue occurs on all machines.
After each application (.jar) redeploy Enonic creates file in tmp dir.
In cause of Linux there are a lof of files like: application
.jar in /tmp
It took a lot of disk space etc.

Can you please check this issue? How we can avoid this?

For example:

ll /tmp/application* | wc -l

We will take a look to see how we can cleanup unused temp files.

Can you check this with high priority ?

Hi @wox - Please register a support issue if this is critical (Available to subscription customers only)

Its not my personal issue. It seems that its ennonic bug.

How do you deploy your application?

  1. Drop it into deploy folder?
  2. Install via Admin UI?

Drop it into deploy folder (enonic is started at this moment)

Any updates on this case?

Hi, this will be fixed in 6.9