Enonic Enterprise Search platform released

Our summer release bonanza continues, this time featuring our long awaited enterprise search offering: Enonic Explorer. It is available as an application that run on top of XP.

Explorer enables indexing of custom data sources (aka collections). Each collection stores it’s data in separate XP repos.

Enonic Explorer also provides a management interface where search operators can control the data sources, manage fields, synonym lists and exposes the data through “interfaces”. The search result can be delivered through custom front-ends of any kind.

Explorer is more than just an app, it is a platform. You may extend it with custom collectors (apps that collect data) and provide custom configuration forms. Starters and examples of how how to build custom collectors are included. Additionally, while running on top of XP, you may also create custom search interfaces and API’s to fit your requirements! :open_mouth:

Explorer was built and co-funded in cooperation with one of our customers to replace “IBM Watson search”. Check out their live implementation on: https://www.helsebiblioteket.no/sok?q=covid-19

Unlike most of our work, Explorer uses a “freemium model”. This means that everyone can use Explorer with basic functionality. Our subscription customers can enjoy all functionality as well as unlimited numbers of collections and interfaces.

Documentation: https://developer.enonic.com/docs/explorer/stable
Enonic Market: https://market.enonic.com/vendors/enonic/explorer

Initially, Explorer only ships with a single “webcrawler” collector, but we will be shipping more collectors (like the content collector), examples, and integrations in the near future!

Happy summer everyone! :sunny: :smile: