Enonic Explorer interfaces

We’re currently looking into the Enonic Explorer to see if this could be a useful tool for us. First of all the way your creating collections seems really useful. But when exposing this through the interfaces its a little limited with just the GUI setup.

Is it possible to create these programmatically? If so is it possible to add search string analysis and boosting?

As of now we’re using the standard fulltext search within Enonic XP, and we wouldn’t want to lose the work we’ve done with boosting and search string analysis.



Yes it is possible. lib-explorer is open-source. We’re also planning to make a GraphQL endpoint for interfaces, etc.

Now that being said it should be possible to setup any static query from the gui (if not please tell us what is missing), and it does support boosting. In my experience queries become bloated and over engineered, so maybe you need less than you think.