Enonic Market - Free/Pro

Hey there! How you doing?
I know we have the market to deploy applications, but as our community is not so big, most of time applications released there needs to be free to spread XP to the world. But some applications can have an aggregated market value that allows charge for it very fair and also value the developers work.
Big CMS’s in the market such as Joomla! and Wordpress have paid plugins/components, and thanks to that, the community of developers grows, as they can take their time to create these plugins and earn for it, and this creates an entire ecosystem that cicles to have more clients using these platforms too (Apps sells = more developers = more things to implement = more Enonic sites).
Thinking on what I expect futurelly from the market, I have a question about the tool versions. How they can have managed versions? I mean, one app deployed on the market could have a “Free” and a “Pro” version or they will be two separated apps?
As an example for it, think in a Payment Gateway solution such as PayUp! Store that we have now. There we have the buy, checkout and payment, which could be the free part of the solution, but also we could have as the Pro version, things like Sales Reports, Shipping Track, Jobs to update Sale Stats etc.


Hi! Funny you should ask. We are actually working on a solution for this where apps are encrypted and you need to install a certificate in xp to decrypt and use the apps. This will be used for our enterprise apps, and could also be used by others for instance to charge for the apps :slight_smile:


Would like to say, you can always push a light version on market and sell a commercial version directly yourself already today.