Enonic service time

Enonic version: 6.5.2

Hi, there! I want to know if any of you have the same problem I have now. Here in my company, we have a 3-step instances for projects.
Dev1 - Which is the development server
Dev2 - This is a homologation server, to validate what was done in dev.
Enonic Cloud - which for now, is our production server.
What happens is: dev1 runs a service that angularJS render with an infinite scroll (Facebook like), the items I need. This is VERY fast! Sometimes we even can’t see the “loading” animation, so, its not a code problem or the so feared $watchers, because we don’t use them so much. Otherwise, when we deploy the same project on the Dev2 or Enonic Cloud, this same page takes 4~8 seconds to render blocks of 10 objects that come from the service. We’ve tried a lot of things, like deploying directly on the machine instead of uploading just the .jar file, cleaned installations etc…
Some advice or help on what is going on? :expressionless:

Does it say anything in the server logs?
Do you get any error messages?

no errors, no messages… just takes more time to load :~

Did you set any explicit heap-size for JVM? How is the JVM performing? Use e.g jconsole to monitor.
How is the blobstore configured? Local disk or remote disk? See http://xp.readthedocs.io/en/6.5/operations/configuration.html?highlight=blobstore for blobstore configuration.

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