Enonic version category/tag

Already, its difficult to decide what version the question is about; 4.7? 5.3? 6.0?
We should either split into categories, or force a tag or something if that is possible

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Ive added a simple topic template on posts in the ‘staff’-category, so each first post with a certain category prefills:

Enonic version:

Any other information that would be useful as a template. Try creating a post with topic “staff”


I like! :smile:

Please put it in “Help” category. That’s were it is really needed.

I have put it in “Bug” and “Help”, lets see how it works out


Maybe we should change the name of the CMS category to “CMS 4.7”.


True, it might not be that widespread knowledge that CMS is <= 4.7 only. Nice to be super clear about it in the forums.

Theoretically, CMS is still also 4.5, but we do not support it any longer, so I do think this is a good idea!