Enonic XP 6.4.3 has been released

Enonic has just released Enonic XP 6.4.3, due to a fairly critical bug that caused the Launcher panel in the admin console to be empty when using Google Chrome version 50. For installations already running version 6.4.2, an upgrade to 6.4.3 is virtually without any risk, and highly recommended in environments where Google Chrome is heavily used.

This one change is listed in the release list on Github: https://github.com/enonic/xp/releases/tag/v6.4.3

The release can be downloaded from our repository: http://repo.enonic.com/public/com/enonic/xp/distro/6.4.3/

This bug does not affect any of the 6.3.x or 6.5.x versions of Enonic XP.