Enonic XP 7.12.0, Content Studio 4.5.0 and CS+ 1.5.0 have been released

Hi all!

We have released Enonic XP 7.12.0, Content Studio 4.5.0, and Content Studio Plus 1.5.0!

New features in XP include Dashboard Widgets, Content Variants, Site mapping for services, Project Applications, and more. Please check out the release notes and the changelog

New features in Content Studio and Content Studio Plus include Variants for A/B Testing, Applications on Content Projects, Batch exclusion of dependent items from publishing, Content Editor improvements, and Auto-save of localised content. Please check out the release notes, the Content Studio changelog, and the CS+ changelog.

These new versions are co-dependent on each other, so please upgrade all at the same time.

We hope you all will enjoy this release.


I assume a rolling update in a clustered environment is safe?