Enonic XP 7.13.1 has been released

We have released Enonic XP 7.13.1
The release has some important bug fixes. Please check them out in the change log

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I reported an issue on Slack regarding Layouts being broken in 7.13.0. @tsi says:

…there are actually two bugs, one in the Content API where the empty regions have gone missing, another one in CS that fails based on what happens in the preview panel.

I see in the change log of 7.13.1:

Support resolution of empty regions in Content API

Do I understand it correctly that we are still waiting for a fix in Content Studio before this issue is resolved completely?

Do I understand it correctly that we are still waiting for a fix in Content Studio before this issue is resolved completely?

Correct: Content Studio 5.0.1 has been released

@ase I’ve tried Content Studio 5.0.1 with XP 7.13.1 now, and empty Layout regions seems to work in most content types.

But not for "portal:page-template"!


Talked to @aseAccording to the documentation I needed to set a config variable in com.enonic.xp.content.cfg to make it work:


In 7.13.0 Content API was updated to return raw content’s page object, as it is saved in the repo, without reading page/layouts descriptors and eagerly injecting empty regions into returned content’s page object. That improves content fetching performance since most of the content requests do not require resolving descriptors and empty regions.
Reading and resolving page/layout descriptors was moved to:

  • Portal Library, where components and content will be returned as before with empty regions injected
  • Content Studio’s live edit, where page tree structure will also display empty regions from descriptors

In 7.13.1 a new parameter ‘resolveEmptyRegions’ was added to the studio config to bring back the old behaviour with injecting empty regions when using Content API, so that everyone could have a smooth transition between the old and new behaviour, or just stick back to the older slower approach if they need to



I don’t understand how how to code my templates so that they will work in the new paradigm.

Problem: I can’t get layouts in "portal:page-template" to work

  1. I have created a new "portal:page-template"
  2. I have dropped in a layout with no child components yet
    a. No no drop-area is displayed (and no page tree structure Region) (because there are no components?).
    b. I can’t put any components into it since there is no drop area/region?

This is the html my layout has rendered:

<div data-portal-component-type="layout">
  <div data-portal-region="main">

Regions are built from components array in content data.

Ok! But what do I do? How do I interact with the components array, when there is no Region or drop area showing up in Content Studio?

Hello! Looks like a bug in Page templates, looking into it

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The fix is available now with Studio 5.0.2

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