Enonic XP 7.14.0 has been released

Hi all!

Today, we have released Enonic XP v7.14.0. In this release we have added some great features to the SDK version of XP that can be used together with the Enonic CLI v2.8 that has also been released today (see separate article).

There are also improvements and bugfixes. The full changelog can be found here: Release Enonic XP Distro 7.14.0 · enonic/xp-distro · GitHub

If you use our CI-image for continuous builds, please pay attention to some changes we have made: We used to distribute two Docker images, one with and one without the Node tools. From now on, we will only publish with the Node tools, but the -node suffix on the version number has been removed. So, if you used v.7.13-node, you will need to switch to v7.14. If you used v7.13, you can continue with v7.14, and this includes Node-JS for you. Please read more here: Setting up CI/CD pipelines - Enonic Developer Portal

We hope you all will enjoy this release!