Enonic XP on Google Cloud Platform

As of today you can launch Enonic XP in GCP. You get USD 300 in credit from Google if you haven’t signed up for GCP yet: https://console.cloud.google.com/launcher/details/enonic-xp-launcher/enonic-xp


This is very good news! Did you also try setting up https using letsencrypt through GCE? Perhaps @esu or @dap would know?

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Do you mean Lets Encrypt on an instance started with this launcher? If so, yes.
We still use docker-compose as base, so the approach is similar to what you are used to. But we have modernised how volumes are mounted. We will make some docs that help with setup of Lets Encrypt.


Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Tnx. Looking forward to more info on this!

I’m so pleased you are getting more guides now on the developer portal. On my wishlist I have guides on recommended setup of separate work and repo containers in a GCP setup like this, and perhaps also some guidance on what you would consider an optimal deployment pipeline for a production system hosted here.