Enonic XP REST API Description

We are doing some work around importing content from external resources. Is there a overview and description of which services are available and how to use them ?


Unfortunately our admin REST API is not public and is only used by the admin-ui and some additional tools. We will start to formalize a standard REST API that’s outside of admin-ui domain (probably under the url /api path). What functionality do you need and in which order of priority? :smile:

Ok, Here’s my priority for a REST API. All are equal important :smile:
Most of the things we have already done, but with a man in the middle solution. I don’t see why we need it in the future.

Content Management
GET, POST, PUT, DELETE a content from a standard REST API with permission control.

User management
Update User role

Access Service
REST API to login, logout, reset password and with redirect to page for login, error… in params.

If we could get these, We can create content and user from external systems. Without creating middle man solutions and use XP as a easy to use platform.

Access Service is priority 1.