Enonic XP Upgrade - Import CMS Repository

Enonic version: 7.2.3
OS: Windows 10

Hi guys,

I’ve just upgraded Enonic XP from 6.14.3 to 7.2.3 and I made the relevant changes in the code of my app. I’ve installed my app in my new upgraded Enonic XP and everything works. However when I import the CMS repository, due to the changes in the rendering engine and JSON data model the pages of my app are empty. Is there any way I could import the content of the pages or do I have to add it manually?

Kind regards.

You will have to migrate your data: make a dump of your “old” 6.x instance, upgrade it and then import into your “new” 7.x instance.

Here’s the guide (sections 2 and 3 describe how you proceed)

Great. Thanks a lot for your help.

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