Enonic XP version 7.0.0 has been released

Hi all!

Our long-awaited Enonic XP 7 is finally out in the first version. After a long development cycle and some serious testing and debugging, we finally have a product ready for you that we are proud to announce, at a quality we trust. Here are many improvements and new features that will make you more effective in developing high quality web-sites. Please read all about the new features in our Release Notes: https://developer.enonic.com/docs/xp/stable/release

For version 7.0, we also have created a new developer portal which should be a much better source for knowledge about Enonic XP. Here you will find the full documentation, as well as guides on how to do many standard things with XP: https://developer.enonic.com - It is not completely done yet, and of course, we will never be ‘DONE’ writing guides for you, so if there are something you find missing on this site, please let us know, and we will prioritize putting out what you ask for.

Enonic XP 7.0.0 can be installed, using the recipe on our website: https://developer.enonic.com/start

One major change from XP 6 that is worth mentioning, is the new Content Studio, that is no longer bundled with the distribution. After installing XP 7, please go through the XP Tour, or just go directly to the Applications app and install Content Studio version 2.

Enonic XP will also be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, shortly.

We hope you will really enjoy this release. Please join the discussion below and tell us what you think.


Don’t know if this is a bug or not but the .enonic file with the PID is not cleared during uncontrolled shutdowns? Running on Windows btw

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When using the CLI you mean? This was fixed in version 1.0.6, so please upgrade (brew upgrade enonic on mac or scoop update enonic on win)

Have you made any Dockerimages for XP 7?

Yes. We made a new image on Docker Hub for 7.0. You find it here: https://hub.docker.com/r/enonic/xp

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