Enonic XP version 7.10.0 has been released

Dear community!

Just in time for your summer project, Enonic is releasing a new version of XP. Besides a cool new background image from Lofoten, by our very own farmer, Casper Ninteman, this release has some changes and improvements at the really deep level, including experimental support for arm64 architecture, GraalVM as embedded JVM and a new shared map that will help to share transient data between nodes in a cluster.

You can read about the most important features and improvements in Release notes of XP . The full change logs can be found here.

Please make sure you carefully read the upgrade nodes for XP, to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

Please note that the changes to Content Studio that was announced earlier today, do not require this version of XP.

We at Enonic wish you all a good summer!


Awesome! Congratulations on the release! :tada:

I’ve added TypeScript-support for the new shared map to [email protected].

Here is an example to show usage, where the shape of the SharedMap is defined as an interface passed as a type parameter to getMap().