Error in deploy React4x enonic project deploy

Enonic version: 7.9.2

Enonic CLI version 2.3.0

OS: Windows 10 Pro

** React4XP version :3.1.0


I’m having some problems with the react4xp application deployment. I create a project using the “enonic project create -r starter-react4xp” but when I execute the command “enonic project deploy” to run the project the error happens

Hello Mehdi

Thanks for reporting this issue.
A new update in one of our libraries broke the build.
We reverted back to a previous version on the react4xp starter.
If you create a new project it should build as normal.
Or you can install 3.0.17 of the @enonic/react4xp dependency.
Inside the project folder revert the dependency:
npm install @enonic/[email protected] --save-dev


We have updated the broken library and this should no longer be an issue.
If anyone still has trouble building the starter please report an issue.