Error using docker image "enonic/xp:7.10.0-ubuntu" with

Enonic version: 7.10.0
OS: Docker image: enonic/xp:7.10.0-ubuntu

I’m having an issue when upgrading using the docker-image (previous version was from 7.9.2).

When I’m starting the container I’m just getting this in the log:

enonic_1   | Found custom file in XP_HOME folder, copying it into runtime...
enonic_1   | rm: cannot remove '/enonic-xp/bin/': No such file or directory

This is my Docker-compose:

version: '3'

    image: enonic/xp:7.10.0-ubuntu
    restart: unless-stopped
      - "8080"
      - "/home/ubuntu/.enonic/sandboxes/"

And the file /home/ubuntu/.enonic/sandboxes/ exists in my file system. And if I remove it, the container starts normally.

– Tom Arild

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yes there is a small issue with entrypoint
Will be fixed in the next release

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Hi @tom,

We released a new version of the Docker image for XP 7.10 called 7.10.0-ubuntu-hotfix. Let us know if it works for you.

docker pull enonic/xp:7.10.0-ubuntu-hotfix

I’ll have a try when I’m back from vacation :blush: